Watch: Kelley Swindall Discuss Her UK Tour, Bob Dylan and Plans for Her Next Album

Kelly Swindall is a New York based artist with an eclectic musical style encompassing an array of Bluesy folk and story driven country lyricism. Fans of her music love her storytelling and powerful vocals combined with her charismatic stage presence and personality. Jess T caught up with Kelley ahead of her show at London’s Green Note on Monday July 11th.

Kelly is no stranger to visiting the UK having visited three times previously. Speaking of the UK she states, “there is a quaintness, a history”. In her opinion, the UK audiences are much more civilised. The organisation and cleanliness of events, such as the Rolling Stones, event at Hyde Park. When discuss her upbringing in Georgia and her move to New York she states that there is a romantic air for the city developed through her favourite childhood movies. Following her move to New York, she stated to write music and learn to play guitar slowly moving her focus from theatre to music. Her idol, Bob Dylan, was also a strong influence and informs the music which she has particularly developed. Especially the lyrical story heavy tracks which she has developed. Her unique story telling is one of her unique selling points within the industry and is proving popular with listeners throughout the UK.

Kelly discusses how her breakdown of Bob Dylan’s tracks especially developed her ability to write with a focus of lyricism over simplistic melodic writing. A skill she developed without any classical training. Swindall is also not afraid to discuss her thoughts and speak her mind. It is a refreshing stance to take within in the industry and which is a method which Kelley is not afraid to use. The release of her album during the pandemic provided a challenge for getting the music to fans without touring but she still thrived in terms of press especially with the UK community. Swindall is planning on writing and preparing her next album over the next few months followed by a further tour in November with plans to tour Ireland also in the works.

You can find out more about Kelley at her website

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