Interview with Brandy Clark


Hi Brandy, I’d like to start by saying that I was delighted that “Love Can Go To Hell” is the latest single from your new album, it has to be my personal favorite. I’d love it if you could give an insight into how that song came about?

I wrote that with Scott Stepakoff and it’s also one of my personal favorites. He had the spin on “Love Can Go To Hell” and I never thought about it from the angle he was coming from. Production wise it’s also one of my favorites. I think that Jay Joyce (producer) did a brilliant job with the arrangements on that song. It’s completely different from the demo and I love that fresh sound.

You have a brilliant ability to write songs about real people in real situations that the listener can certainly relate to.  Are you writing from personal experience, or is there an element of being a storyteller in your music – or is it maybe a combination of both?

Definitely a combination of both but there is always a true story or situation that they are born from. A lot of my characters are composites of several different people or situations. Luckily I have a lot of big characters as friends and they are always giving me song ideas with their stories. I put myself in those songs as well – definitely a lot of different life experiences that go into the lines. I think that’s what makes songs great.

Our site, Belles and Gals, started in January, at a time when promotion for ‘Big Day in a Small Town’ was just starting to gear up. So we’ve seen the steady rise in excitement levels all the way through to “Girl Next Door” being released and the eventual brilliant reception for the album. As an artist on the verge of a release, how nerve wracking is this time?

It’s very nerve wracking. You put your heart and soul into a new record and you definitely want to make the connection with the fans. There is a ton of press and tapings that go along with it and although that brings excitement it also brings exhaustion as well.


 You certainly have a loyal fan base, especially here in the UK. Are you surprised at the reaction you have from UK fans? Have you got a message for your UK fans?

 I just want to let them know how much I appreciate them. It’s been a long time since I made my first trip over and they have been so patient and I’m thrilled to be coming back. It’s pretty mind-blowing to know that my music reaching across the ocean.

 I remember the first time you came to my attention was a few years ago when I received an e-mail with the words “You must listen to Stripes by Brandy Clark!” I’ve been a fan ever since. You’d obviously had writing success before this, but do you consider that song as the turning point in your solo career?

It was definitely a turning point. It was my first video and first single. I remember how much fun it was to shoot that video and of course, how cool it was to see it on CMT. Although we didn’t take it to country radio it did get a lot of airplay on XM and really reached a lot of people that way. It was a great introduction to my music and I can tell when I play it live how much people enjoy that song.

So as both a successful recording artist and a successful writer, I’ll give you a hypothetical situation. You’ve just penned literally the best country song that has ever been written. Do you record the song yourself?

I do save some songs for myself – a good bit actually. It’s really hard to let them go, especially when they hit you hard or are really personal songs. If it’s the best country song ever written you better believe I’m going to keep that one for myself!

 At Belles and Gals we like to feature a wide range of artists, from the industry superstars all the way through to young artists literally just starting out. What advice would you give to these new artists?

It’s a tough business and one that has many ups and even more downs. As an artist you can have some of the highest highs and then the lowest lows. I would say to do what you love and do it in a way that makes you proud. Never change who you are or what you have to say to please anyone. It never rings true and it’s not worth it in the end.

How does it feel when you’re at home, or in the car and Brandy Clark comes on the radio?

That’s always really exciting. I don’t think I will ever tire of hearing my songs on the radio!

Thank you so much for the interview Brandy. Can I finish by asking what the rest of the year has in store and what can we expect from you moving into 2017?

 The rest of the year will be filled with dates from “The Acoustic Tour 2016”. I’m really excited about these headline shows. They are very intimate and special to me as a performer. I love headlining my own shows and getting a chance to meet the fans and show them another side of my music.




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