Interview with Crystal Day

I first came across Crystal just a couple of weeks ago when I listened to her latest single, ‘Karma Like Flowers’, a song that grabbed me immediately. Having featured it on the site, I thought I’d find out more about Crystal, so we had a chat last week – read on to find out all about the single, her influences and Crystal’s incredibly varied career!

Hi Crystal, we recently featured your great new song ‘Karma Like Flowers’ on Belles and Gals. I love the sentiment of the song. Tell us how the song came about?
I was going into a writing session with now my good buddy Erik Halbig, but at the time I didn’t know him. He said I have this title Karma Like Flowers that I think could be kind of cool. To be honest, I was hesitant about it. I just wasn’t sure if it was a right fit for me but we kept talking about and I was telling him about a breakup I was going through. I had a girlfriend of mine going through one as well so we kind of combined the stories to create a song about broken promises. We just thought, wouldn’t it be cool to give this guy a taste of his own medicine and send him Karma? I mean, haven’t we all wanted to send Karma at some point?

You have quite an amazing back story when it comes to music! You recorded your first album at 13?
Thank you! I did! It was a mix of songs that people had sent me. I was so excited to feel like a country music recording artist so young! I think my parents still have copies somewhere and they like to bring it out at times and embarrass me with it! Ha! It did teach me so much about the discipline of the studio so I am so grateful for that experience at such a young age.

And you’ve played at the Amsterdam Music Festival and toured much of the world. This must have had an amazing effect on your career and life in general?
That trip changed my life in so many ways. At that point, I had never been overseas before so it was so incredible to see how others lived and it opened my eyes up to a whole new world of possibilities. I am a history buff so the architecture and culture, I was in awe of and almost everyone rides a bicycle there! The people there love country music so much and could not have been more welcoming. I mean, to see thousands of people each day coming out to a country music festival was incredible and you just felt so much love. It made me want to work extra hard to follow my dreams and set higher goals for myself.

If you had to pinpoint a particular highlight in your music career, what would it be?
I don’t think I have reached it yet! But if I look back on what I have done so far, Amsterdam ranks pretty high and then I would also have to say playing Flambeau Fest in Louisiana about a month ago with Sam Hunt and Hank Williams Jr. was pretty incredible!

If you could play any venue on the planet, which would it be. And which artist would join you for a duet?
Oh… Probably the Super Bowl would rank number one on the list just because of the magnitude of it and then the Grand Ole Opry. Getting to stand on that stage where the best of the best have stood would be such an incredible experience. Hmmmm… only one? I’ve always wanted to sing with Garth Brooks on stage because he is the ultimate entertainer and I strive to be as good of a performer as he is. Plus, he just seems like the coolest guy!

Which artists have influenced you in your music career? And if you had to choose one album to listen to on a desert island, which one would it be?
I think every artist before me has influenced music today, so none of us would be here without The Beatles. I’m a huge Beach Boys fan, Johnny Cash, Otis Redding, etc. But if I had to choose for my immediate sound, I would say Shania Twain has had the biggest influence, hands down. Also, Garth Brooks and Reba have influenced me the most on stage. They know how to capture an audience’s attention like no one else.
Oh, this is an impossible question! Can I get two? I am on a huge vinyl kick at the moment. I found a ton of old vinyl’s my parents used to have so I would have to say something classic like The Beach Boys “Pet Sounds.”

And what was it that got you into music in the first place?
I don’t think I really knew anything else…my mom found these old videos of me singing when I was about 4. We had no idea I was singing that young so I think I’ve always loved it and I just wanted to follow my passion in life. I saw the Shania’s and the Carrie’s on stage and I looked at them and said I want to do just that. I just decided to go for it! Life’s too short!

As well as a singer songwriter, you’re also an accomplished actress. And you’ve also written a successful series of children’s books. Tell us about those aspects of your career!
Thank you!
Acting has always been my second love. I think when you are creative, you thrive on any outlet you can and it has created a great deal of empathy in my life. I love getting to explore other characters and live in someone else’s shoes for a day! I have been working a lot actually the last few months and finishing up a film this month so I couldn’t be more grateful for all of the opportunities and incredible projects I have been fortunate to work on so far.
The children’s book was a total passion project that has turned into one of the most rewarding things I have done! I read to 200 kids a few weeks ago and I try to do as many readings and book events as I can. I honestly don’t think there is anything more fulfilling than getting to inspire kids!

To finish, tell us your plans for the rest of 2017 and let us know where we can find you on social media!
Wow! Well, 2017 has been the best year of my life so far, so I can’t wait to see what the next month or so holds. Right now, I am focusing on writing a lot, working on new songs in the studio, writing my 2nd book in the series, working on a screenplay for film and also playing some shows around Nashville. I also cannot wait for Christmas! 🙂
You can check me out on and @thecrystalday on all things social.

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