Interview with Emma Stevens

Back in March whilst attending Sarah Darling’s tour at Night and Day Café in Manchester, warming up the crowd was singer songwriter Emma Stevens. After blowing the crowd away by her supporting role set at the gig we knew she was one to watch  – now fast forward a few months later where she is now embarking on her own headline tour “To My Roots Spring Tour”. Therefore here at Belles and Gals we just knew we had to catch up with her to get the lowdown on her tour and see where you can catch this one to watch play this summer! – Katie Louise Ingram (

Hey Emma!
Thank you so much for taking the time out while on tour to answer some questions for us!

Let’s start with flying the flag on the UK country scene first things first tell us how you discovered country music and decided you wanted to be part of the country music genre as a singer songwriter?

When I was really little I always loved playing guitar and other organic instruments. It wasn’t until my mum bought me a dvd of the Dixie chicks live for Christmas one year and I said “I WANT TO DO THAT!!”

Which artist has been your biggest influencer so far?

I can’t say just one artist, because so many artists have influenced my sound. From Jason Mraz to John Mayer, Alison Kraus to Taylor Swift to James Taylor and Dixie Chicks. I love too many artists.

Personally my favourite song of yours has got to be “Amaretto Kisses” which was part of your Deluxe edition of your second album “Waves” what is your favourite song you have ever written and why?

Aww thank you! I think my favourite song I’ve ever written tends to change depending on my mood. There are songs I’m proud of, like Dreaming Trees, Riptide, Sunflower and Sing Out!

Your currently on your Headline UK tour “To My Roots Spring Tour” which must be very exciting tell us how is that going?

It’s going really well! I’m enjoying sharing my music with such an appreciative audience and have had some great feedback on my new song “Atoms” too which means the world!

With festival season soon creeping up on us will fans be lucky enough to catch you playing at any of the UK festivals this year?

I’m playing a few festivals this year, really looking forward to playing Dogfest though, as I love animals and everyone brings their pet dog!

You are a very talented musician and can play a number of different instruments tell us your fave instrument to play while out on tour?

I love playing banjo, that’s one of my favourite instruments!

I discovered you supporting Sarah Darling in Manchester where you were absolutely incredible by the way and blown the audience away, so my next question is who has been your favourite artist to tour with so far and why?

Oh that’s a tough one! I supported “Wet Wet Wet” last year which was out of this world! I also really enjoyed supporting “Passenger”!

To mix it up a little we like to add some fun questions so if you could only ever listen to one album for the rest of your life what would it be and why?

Paul Simon – Graceland, because I’m always finding new parts when I listen to it. It’s so wonderful.

If you were making a playlist to blast out while travelling on the road name the first three must have additions to kick off your perfect playlist?

Phil Collins – Dance Into the Light
Alison Kraus – Every time You Say Goodbye
Jason Mraz – Back to the Earth

Lastly any advice/words of wisdom for any aspiring fans who want to follow in your footsteps?

Don’t let them get you down! ?

Thank you again for taking time to answer these questions and good luck with the rest of your tour!

Interview conducted by Katie Louise Ingram


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