O & O to Release Debut ‘Truth Comes Out’ E.P. Tomorrow

O & O first came to our attention at the beginning of this year, when we saw them perform brilliantly at the C2C festival. We were therefore delighted when we heard they were releasing their debut E.P ‘Truth Comes Out’.

The four track release opens with the title track, an absorbing upbeat number with a chorus to match, about a relationship breaking down because of lies. It’s a great opening number and dials you in nicely for the rest of the E.P.

The second track is their beautiful recent single ‘Tears in the Rain’ – check it out for yourself below.

‘Saturday Morning’ sees Obadiah and Orian sing about leaving a relationship. The title might point to an almost  mournful song, but this is anything but! This is catchy, has a great guitar solo in the middle and you’ll be turning this one up.

The final track ‘Rolling On’ is a touching number about the highs and lows of life and dealing with them. The lyric ‘Maybe it’s foolish but I’m going strong, Another day, another song’, reflecting that and perhaps referencing the importance of music in their (and our) journey.

Throughout the E.P. the duo give us a fantastic glimpse of their intertwining voices, with a great versatility too – they perform the silky slower numbers and those upbeat catchier numbers with equal aplomb. A fantastic debut E.P.

Download it here –



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