Molly Anne’s ‘Talkin’ ‘Bout Somethin” – Out Today!

If you’ve followed Belles and Gals over the last year you’ll know how big a fan we are of her work. Molly has released two E.P.’s this year in ‘Glow’ and ‘Songs of the South’, both records being truly excellent, so I knew there was little doubt about how good the new single is.

The singer-songwriter from Gloucestershire certainly didn’t let me down! Molly Anne’s upbeat vocals have a joyful quality which brings home the subject of the song, which inspires the listener to let go of petty quarrels and trash talk – ’20 years from now’ it won’t mean nothing. The song is as inspiring as it is brilliant! Have a listen yourself below:

Apple Music –…/talkin-bout-somethin-…/1440335775

iTunes –…/talkin-bout-somethin-…/1440335775


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