EXCLUSIVE: Karly Driftwood Talks Debut LP ‘Too Mean To Die’

Karly Driftwood is a rare country talent who isn’t afraid to show listeners her inner thoughts. The former mortician moved to Nashville in order to pursue her dream of making music and worked night and day to pay for her debut LP ‘Too Mean To Die’.

The record which dropped in April of this year gives fans an insight into Driftwood’s struggle with depression and suicidal thoughts. It’s a brave collection of broken-hearted fragments, dark thoughts, and elements of gloom played out to the backdrop of a toe-tapping beat.

Here we speak exclusively to Karly Driftwood to discuss the LP in more detail:

How excited are you to be sharing your new music?
I’m extremely excited to be sharing my music. I feel like my music is the only thing I have to offer the world on a larger scale. I self-funded this album, so not only was all my words and emotions put into it, but also the long nights I worked to make the money to make it.

Is there one song, in particular, you’re most proud of that made it on the tracklist?
I am most proud of Ain’t Even Close. Because I think it’s a song that most people in this generation can relate to. We were all raised to believe there is a certain time point when we should be married, have kids, and have a good job. But a lot of that is not happening for people in our generation. Social media has changed the way we live as a society now. I feel like a lot of us feel lost now. I hope this song can help others understand they are not alone with feeling like they aren’t close to where they “should” be.

What was the overall writing and recording process like for this LP?
I wanted this album to be an introduction of myself to the world. I thought about all the most important traits about myself, and then wrote songs around them. I wanted to write about how I stripped my way to Nashville. I wanted to write about this boy I slept with that I couldn’t over for at least a year. I wanted the world to know me and the situations I was dealing with until that point.

What would you say is the overall theme running through the songs on the album?
Because I went to mortuary school, I wanted there to be a lot of death and horror movie references.
After Afters- “Freddy Kreguers are after me”. Ain’t Even Close- “I’ve had some time to think about my friends that are here and the ones that have died”. Tennessee Trees- “They ask about my mental health, cause I just want to hurt myself”. Dodged A Bullet- ‘that heartbreak’s laid to rest” And obviously Too Mean To Die

Were there any songs you loved but didn’t make it on to the CD?
I have a song called Aching and Alone, Again that I want to put on the next album. It didn’t make the cut just because I couldn’t afford to record any more songs.

What do you hope fans take away from the album?
Music has always been a friend to me when I feel like no one else understands me. I hope my music can be a friend like that to someone else.

Can we expect to see you touring this year?
Currently working on a setting up a tour now!

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