Introducing Emilia Quinn

The UK country scene is a great place to be around right now, and it’s always amazing to feature a new artist. When heading to gigs, us music fans invariably talk about artists we have seen, and one name that keeps cropping up is Emilia Quinn. So, when a name keeps appearing, it’s our job to check them out – and wow, Leeds based Emilia’s music is incredible. Take a listen to Emilia’s 2019 ‘Wrote Off’ EP below.


When we’re this impressed with an artist, it would be rude not to find out more – so we caught up with Emilia just after Christmas!

Hi Emilia, it’s great to feature you for the first time on Belles and Gals. To start, how would you describe your music?

I think if I had to label it it would be alt. Country/americana type music with some grit to it. I like to take influence from loads of different genres, particularly country, rock, blues and roots music. I do try and maintain some variety within my style as well.

With the release of your debut EP ‘Wrote Off’, 2019 has been an incredible year for you. How do you look back on the year?

I think it’s only just hitting me quite how insane this debut year has been. I feel very priveledged to have performed with some incredible musicians and for some wonderful promoters and festival all over the UK like Buckle and Boots, or Hen House promotions. I really feel like the scene has welcomed me and I’ve made some really lovely friends to the point that going to play gigs has felt like a meet up with mates! Best feeling

Tell us a little about how you got started in the music industry? And what is it about Americana/country music that grabbed you in the first place?

So, I guess I started in the industry when I was 12 or 13? I started playing when I was 6 so grew up with music but started recording and releasing at 12. It was just for fun to begin with but then after getting a job singing in a restaurant and getting in bands and such, it became more and more of a viable careet option (still work in progress of course haha)

My first song I ever wrote was actually a country song and whatever genres I’ve dabbled in it’ always circled back to the country, americana type of vibe. I find the scene so so lovely as well and a lot of fun to be part of! So that’s definitely inspired me to work on my craft and embrace my americana country tendencies.

Looking ahead, what can we expect from Emilia Quinn in 2020?

I think the most exciting thing for 2020 is performing with a backing band for the first time! More music releases, more songs and more good times!

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