INTERVIEW: Teigen Gayse Talks Debut EP

This past Friday, (April 17th) rising country music sensation Teigen Gaye released her debut self-titled EP. The 8-track record is a beautiful collection showcasing Teigen’s standout vocal and gives us a real insight into why she will soon become one of the most recognised names on the scene.

Here we chat to Teigen Gaye to discuss the project:

How excited are you to be sharing your new Music?

It’s definitely a huge milestone in my life and I’ve been waiting for this moment for a while now. If my heart could smile. That’s how I feel, I feel so fulfilled. I just released my Self Titled Debut album on the 17th, you can find it on all Platforms! I’m getting such good feedback from everyone, I get so happy some moments that I forget to breathe haha.

What has the creative process been like for this project?

It’s been a great experience trying to find “my sound” in the creative process. I went in there with ideas but I left a lot of room for creativity. I love having a bunch of creative passionate people in a room, it’s crazy the cool things people can come up with when you leave it open to do so. This album stayed very true to how I wrote the songs, and it was nice for a first record, like a breath of fresh air.  

Is there one song in particular that you’re most excited about fans hearing?

Personally, my favourites change every day haha, I love them all but every person I’ve talked to has a different favorite off the record which I thought was pretty cool. There is a song on the record that is quite relevant to the times we’re in right now. It’s a very positive optimistic song, explaining that tomorrow is a new day and it could be YOUR day, the sun will rise in the morning and it’s a great message. The song is called “Don’t Look Back”. I’m also releasing a music video for this song, on April 20th so keep on eye out for that.   

Who have you worked with to create this Album?

I worked with Tyler MCcollum (Producer) and Cody Angel ( Engineer) on this record at The Zone Recording Studio In Dripping Springs Texas. Mix and Mastered by Pat Mankse. The whole creative process after the record was finished goes out to the girls who manage me from Matchless Management. They spent countless nights staying up with me discussing the right release strategy, creating artwork and merch ideas. There is A LOT that goes into it after the record is finished to start promoting for it. 

What are you hoping listeners take away from the tracklist?

When I hear a song, the first thing that attracts me is the melody, melody is key for me, it’s gotta be catchy. So I hope when people listen to my songs they feel that. Next is the lyrics, I want people to relate to my songs. I want them to think “wow that’s exactly how I’m feeling” it makes people feel like they are not alone, or not crazy sometimes haha. I love hearing a song and escaping for a few minutes, whether it’s happy or a sad feeling, it feels good to feel something. That’s what I want people to take from this record and I pray it does that 

Obviously we’re living in strange times at the moment so how does it feel to be releasing a new album during this period?

At first, it was scary because I didn’t know what to expect but when I really thought about it, I knew I could do something very special by bringing music and joy to the world at a time like right now. Music is so powerful and music heals. If I could shed a glimpse of hope to people when they need it most, it would be a huge accomplishment. It’s been keeping me sane too. I have been grinding every day for this record to come out a success. Every day I’m finding something innovative to do that can ultimately help me and my record. It helps that I’m quarantining with my manager. Every day we’re thinking of something cool and new to push.

What are your goals for this album in terms of sales, reach etc?

Well, I’m gonna shoot for the moon and land among the stars. I believe in this record and I’m already ready for the next one. My goal for this album is to get my name out there in the world. Show people who Teigen Gayse is, shine some light, and make an indefinite future in songwriting and performing. When people listen to this record I want them to think “Where the hell did this girl come from” and when other artists listen to this album, I want them to think “shit I got some competition” haha

Do you plan on touring this project when it’s safe to do so?

Absolutely!! I can’t wait to get on the road and promote the album. I’ve been doing a bunch of lives and they’re great but I’m itching to get back on the stage, such an electrifying feeling. Nothing better than seeing a crowd full of people belting your songs at the top of their lungs, that’s a moment when you know you’re doing your job right.

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