Hannah Paris’s ‘Bang Bang’ Out Now

Essex firecracker Hannah Paris is back with her latest single ‘Bang Bang’ and for anyone who has been lucky enough to catch her perform live you’ll know this is an extra special one. Hannah had the following to say about the new track:-

“Bang Bang’ is a very personal song. It’s written about an ex friend I helped out, I really went the extra mile, then boom, gone! We were very close, like sisters. If you pay real close attention to the lyrics, it gives you the full picture. They say the best country songs tell a story. Well so much happened during this period, I could fill a book and people would not believe half of it. Moral of the story: you try to help a friend and end up getting screwed over. Now that’s a country song.”
This is a big one to release for Hannah because for quite some time it’s been able to stake a claim as being the most popular song of hers amongst fans at her gigs. Regulars at her shows will have heard the emotional story behind the song and seen her deliver it with the level of passion she has become well known for but could she capture that with the recorded version? I’m delighted to say she’s absolutely nailed it. I really like the slower start to the song whilst Hannah paints us the picture of the former friend that is the subject matter of the song, she really takes the listener on that journey of betrayal and you can feel her emotions boiling over before we get that explosion of anger around one minute and 10 seconds into the song. Hannah has made me feel like I lived this situation myself which is a testament to both her fabulous song writing and her wonderful energy which the instrumentation in the song certainly plays a key part of. I’m unashamedly obsessed with Hannah’s voice so I loved hearing it as its flawless best throughout this track. There are two things that really spring to mind listening to this track, firstly Hannah Paris will always deliver to an incredible standard with everything she does, and secondly the girl in the song will not want to bump into Hannah again.

Review written by Craig Brooks (twitter.com/swindonforever)

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