Introducing Bronte Fall And Her New EP “Finishing School”

Bronte falls EP art

Hailing from Chicago, Bronte Fall is the songwriting/recording name of Teri Bracken who now calls Nashville her home. Although classically trained, her music reflects and embraces the eclectic mixture of genres which come out of music city, leaning particularly towards a soulful Americana sound on her new EP “Finishing School” released last Friday 21st August and which includes this beautiful track, “White Dress”. It’s a song which is pretty autobiographical in nature as Teri turned her back on the traditional route of marriage and children to pursue her musical career, which saw her studying classical violin at the prestigious Berklee College in Boston. To quote Teri, “I come from a very traditional background where most women settle down at home a few years after college to raise their families. As I get to the age where that’s what I should be doing or want to be doing, I feel more pressure to follow suit and less inclined to do so”.

In fact the entire EP is autobiographical, Teri saying of the release As a musician, I almost feel like I’m defending who I am and what I want. Perhaps I feel pressure to be a certain way. These songs were written about feeling proud of where I am and what I’m doing. It’s about feeling empowered wherever you are in life, and celebrating the past while building your own kind of future.”

Teri’s professional name comes from her love of the Bronte sisters and Emily Bronte’s poem “Fall, Leaves, Fall” and in the six songs on this EP she embraces Charlotte, Emily and Anne’s fight against the ever-evolving societal restraint on women. It was mostly recorded over the course of four days at Nashville’s Trace Horse Studios, with the debut single “Freeway High” being released in May.

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