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It’s been a while since we had any new music from Nashville based singer/songwriter Brooke Eden, four years to be precise, but the powerhouse vocalist is back with not one but three new tracks which she will be sharing in the coming months via BBR Music.  A bit like waiting for a bus, if you get my drift! Fitting together as a trilogy, each will be followed by music videos that share glimpses into her musical and personal journey. 

All three were co-written by Brooke and produced by Jesse Frasure (who has worked with artists including Thomas Rhett, Little Big Town and Meghan Trainor) and according to Brooke have come out “very happy and up-tempo and light”, a reflection where she currently finds herself . Yes, the intervening time since the 2016 release of “Welcome To The Weekend” has been one of profound personal and professional growth for her, and most importantly maybe a time for reflection. Originally discouraged from sharing her identity as a gay woman, her deepening relationship with her girlfriend of five years is part of why she is now ready to let the world meet her true self… as she says “I need to live this life out loud and I need to live this love out loud“. You can hear more about her journey in this video where Brooke reintroduces herself in her own words…
The first track in the upcoming  trilogy, “No Shade” , drops this Friday, February 5th, and was written with Steven Lee Olsen and Brandon Day. A clever play on a break-up song, it’s the story of a woman rediscovering herself after spending years in a stifling situation… “Nobody going to steal my sunshine or turn my blue sky grey. All I know is at the end of the day wildflowers grow when there ain’t no shade” she sings, and knowing her full story now it makes the words even more poignant and personal. 
Originally written about a friend coming out of a bad relationship, Brooke says “I was talking to someone the day before we wrote ‘No Shade’ and I said ‘There’s no shade coming your way from me. I wrote that down and thought there was something freeing about having no bad feelings toward someone who’s done something bad to you. ‘No Shade’ is about your own self awareness to take responsibility for yourself and start anew. It’s the perfect song to kick off the new music I am sharing in 2021“. 
And it seems that collaborating with Frasure has been perfect for Brooke, as he was able to translate her eclectic influences into a singular sound, which Brooke describes as happy, groovy and “kind of retro in the way it’s done” .
We can’t wait to hear the results, not only with this first single but of course also with the following two, “Sunroof” and “Got No Choice” . 
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