Lainey Wilson Releases New Single “Heart Like A Truck”

By her own admission, the past few months have been “such a whirlwind” for Lainey Wilson but the Louisiana native is not one to sit back on her laurels and last Friday released her latest single and accompanying video “Heart Like A Truck“. It comes on the back of her two week stint at the top of the US Country radio charts (“Never Say Never” with Cole Swindell)  and of course being recently crowned ACM New Female of the Year and winning ACM Song of the Year for her platinum certified chart topper “Things A Man Outta Know” .

One of music city’s most successful and talked about rising artists, the new single sees Lainey building on the success of her critically acclaimed 2021 album “Sayin’ What I’m Thinking’” and the semi-autobiographical lyrics are indicative of the tenacity and hard work Lainey has put in since packing up her trailer van and heading to Nashville to chase her dreams over 10 years ago. 
Written by Lainey alongside Trannie Anderson and Dallas Wilson, the Jay Joyce produced track is undeniably “Lainey” and remains in the spirit of her Bell Bottom Country music she has already introduced us to, but shows the growth she has experienced both personally and professionally since her debut album. 
As Lainey says, “Miley wasn’t playing when she said ‘it’s about the climb’ because it really is what builds character and teaches you the most about yourself”
The write incorporates numerous clever metaphors throughout as Lainey likens her bruised and battered heart to a beat up old truck but ultimately it’s  “as good as it is tough” and all those experiences have made her who she is right now. She explains how the track is “all about self discovery, growth and embracing scars as a badge of honour. After all, a truck that has hit a few bumps and earned some scratches has proved itself and its tenacity – the shiny one on the lot can’t say that“. 
Her love of life as a touring artist the lure of the open road feature strongly throughout, too…”The dirt road singin’ me a siren’s song“… “That old highway holds the key” she explains, firing out a warning about her nomadic lifestyle to any potential Romeo that “I can’t help it, it’s the way I’m wired. Boy, you get too close, boy you need to know“.  
Vocally Lainey continues to demonstrate on this gorgeous power ballad how she lives every line she sings, whether she’s delivering them tenderly or going “full throttle” (to coin an appropriate phrase) as the song rises and falls to its explosive ending. In a similar way the accompaniment is also developing throughout to include screaming electric guitar and soulful strings which compliment each other brilliantly. 
I’ll leave the final words about this stunning release to Lainey, who says “I’ve been through some shit. We all have. But when you get through it, you’re stronger and better for it in the other side. Nothing can hold be back from moving forward and finding a way to enjoy life, no matter what. I hope this song reminds y’all of that“. 
And talking of moving forward, it’s so exciting to hear that “Heart Like A Truck” is the lead single from Lainey’s next album… of course as soon as there’s any more details we’ll let you know. 
Listen to “Heart Like A Truck” here
Watch the Official Video here
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