3 Pairs of Boots Announce New Album “Mighty Love”; Lead Single “Leap of Faith” Out Now

Having introduced you to the San Fransisco based duo 3 Pairs of Boots back in January 2021, it’s great to bring you news of their third studio album, “Mighty Love ” which is set for release on September 2nd.

Partners in life as well as music, the duo is formed of husband and wife Andrew Stern and Laura Arias who married within a year of their first meeting, both artists having experimented in a variety of different genres before solidifying their distinctive Americana-leaning blend of folk, rock and country which has proved so successful for them since their 2019 debut album .
Laced with fresh sounds (including keys, B3 organ, horns, strings and banjo) and driven by a classic blend of acoustic and electric guitar, “Mighty Love” reveals an expanded palette, more developed songwriting and elevated production from the duo. Produced entirely by Andrew (who is also the album’s primary songwriter) and recorded in the couple’s home studio, it features contributions from a host of high-level artists as well as a local string quartet with the title track written by Laura setting a warm, buoyant tone that infuses the rest of the album. Lyrically, the writing balances both positive and negative views of our current world, blending candid personal reflections, narrative accounts of real-life experiences and moments of thanksgiving for the good in everything. Several tracks explore historical figures and events which parallel issues still plaguing the world today, including ” Labor Day” which is based on the west coast shipyard labor riots of the 1930s and “Just Call Him Love” which tells the story of Nat Love, born into slavery but who later became a world-famous Black rodeo champion. Ultimately, “Mighty Love” is described as an album of idiosyncratic and heartfelt expansion, where each song connects and empowers listeners to venture out into the world to demonstrate their own kind of mighty love.
What better example of what to expect than the lead single, “Leap Of Faith” , out now on all digital platforms,  which was inspired by their experience as first time parents. Stream/Download here https://ffm.to/3pobleapoffaith

As Andrew explains,  “when we brought our son home from the hospital years ago, we looked at each other and basically said ‘ Now what?’. We had no experience at raising a child. That’s when your values, your beliefs, your common sense, kicks in. And you just have to take it one day at a time, and recognise that you will make mistakes , to learn from those mistakes, as you try to raise that child to be a good, decent, honest, loving person. The bigger part of the song reflects upon what can go right, or wrong, when raising a child… the child starts out as a blank slate and learns from their parents, which to us is a tremendous honour and responsibility”.

Article written by Lesley Hastings (twitter.com/lesleyhastings)

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