Social Media Choice – Martina McBride’s ‘Concrete Angel’

This week’s social media choice selection is ‘Concrete Angel’ from Martina McBride. As the chosen artist for the week, we asked people to shout their favourite song from Martina and there was little doubt that ‘Concrete Angel’ is much loved, while ‘Independence Day’ was a close second.

The song was released in November 2002, and tells a heartbreaking tale of child abuse, which ends with the main character of the song, a seven year old girl, losing her life. Lyrics such as ‘The teacher wonders but she doesn’t ask,
It’s hard to see the pain behind the mask, Bearing the burden of a secret storm, Sometimes she wishes she was never born‘ painting a harrowing picture. At the time of release the video (above) featured the phone number for the American Child Abuse Hotline and encouraged viewers to report abuse.

Social Media choice organised by Astrid (

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