Louise Parker’s ‘Rear View Mirror’ Out Tomorrow!

Tomorrow sees the release of ‘Rear View Mirror’, the first single from Louise Parker since she joined us at Belles and Gals on a management deal. The song is Louise’s 4th single release this year and sees the Essex based singer songwriter in full sass mode!

Download ‘Rear View Mirror’ here – https://music.apple.com/gb/album/rear-view-mirror-single/1470309266

Rear View Mirror is a song about the end of a relationship, with the main protagonist of the song suiting the singer’s ‘Rear View Mirror’. The opening of the track features a slow twangy guitar, before Louise Parker launches straight into her powerful diatribe, telling the offending party exactly what she thinks of him! This lady is taking no shit!

I thought we had it all, but I was wrong, you were on the other side of town having fun, and that’s not all’ – a great lyric telling you exactly why she’s heading off into the sunset.

Louise Parker:

Rear View Mirror is an upbeat, sassy story about realising I deserve better. It is having an epiphany at a crossroad in life and choosing to not stand for anything less than perfection. I wrote it for all the women and men who have risen up in the face of adversity and been the stronger and better people.

 Rear View Mirror was born from a streak of road rage. A BMW wouldn’t let me overtake on the M25, as I put my foot down and passed them I thought ‘you suit my rear view mirror…’. The chorus I wrote whilst driving, all the rest came later. Probably one of the easiest songs I’ve ever written.

I’m a great driver, promise!”

‘Rear View Mirror’ sees Louise Parker at her powerful and bad ass best – an anthem for those of you who are fed up with taking second best! Turn it on and turn it up! A standout track from an artist who is ready to take the UK country scene by the scruff of the neck and shake it up!

Louise Parker performing an acoustic version of ‘Rear View Mirror’ for ‘Live in the Living Room’

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