Poppy Fardell’s ‘Lose Myself in You’ – Out Now

Today sees the release of ‘Lose Myself in You’, the new single from Poppy Fardell. The UK based singer songwriter came to our attention when she supported Vic Allen in London a couple of months ago at the wonderful ‘Green Note’ which led us to immediately interview the artist – check out the interview with Poppy here.

Poppy’s first single was the much acclaimed ‘Hayley’, a track about a mysterous heroine – an ambitious first release which certainly hit the mark! Now she is back with ‘Lose Myself in You’, a new single with a much Poppy-er (see what I did there?) feel, about attraction. It’s not often I’ll shout out artwork to a single, but the image is spot on for the track. The song is produced by Tim Prottey-Jones, who is quickly making a name for himself as one of the top producers on the scene – and the combination of Poppy and Tim is one that works just fine for us!

Take a listen to ‘Lose Myself in You’ below!


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