INTERVIEW: Highway Women Talk New Single ‘God Made Me Right’

The ever-growing country music scene is forever welcoming new and rising talent into its fold and majorly breaking onto the scene this year are Highway Women – a four-piece all-female group that celebrate the power of female voices.

Last week they shared their latest offering in the form of the standout ‘God Made Me Right’ and here we speak to Highway Women to discuss the single further:

How are you finding the response to your new single God Made Me Right?

Wow! It has been incredible! We are so happy that people love the song because the message is very important to us.

What are you hoping fans take from the song?
We hope they find inspiration and a new way to see their beauty in a powerful way, that brings them joy and acceptance.

What was the writing process like for the track?
Great question. Our producer Justine Blazer pitched the song to us and we fell in love.

Do you plan on releasing a music video for the single?
Yes, we are! We can’t wait for everybody to be able to see it!

Do you have a favourite line from God Made Me Right?
“Last time I checked Girls ruled the world!” – because you know we do Heather Harper

“I’m proud of what I see,… The reflection staring back at me” – Because I want every woman and girl to feel that way when they look in the mirror – Drew Haley

Do you plan on releasing a full-length album this year?
Yes, we will be releasing an EP later this year.

What are you hoping to achieve with God Made Me Right?
We hope the message of this song will be taken to heart and lived out by everyone, women, men and children.

What would you say is the biggest inspiration behind God Made Me Right?
It is a great opportunity being in the position we are to extend a message of self-acceptance which is much needed. Children and adults experience pressure from the world to achieve an unrealistic standard of beauty. Seeing women of all ages find love for themselves and each other means more to us than anything. 

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