Lainey Wilson Releases New Single “Rolling Stone”

Last Friday saw the release of “Rolling Stone”, a brand new single from the exciting and insanely talented Lainey Wilson, the follow up to the brilliant “What Would Dolly Do?”  It’s a song she has been performing live for some time now, and as she explains ” tells a story about wanting something so bad in life that you won’t let anything stand in your way. That means letting go of certain things and a lot of times certain people“. 

That’s definitely something Lainey knows a lot about, having packed up her trailer and moved to Nashville from a small farming community in Louisiana to follow her dreams… dreams which are now being realised, and  2020 has already seen her making her Grand Ole Opry debut, being named as an “artist to watch” by the likes of Pandora, The Boot and Sounds Like Nashville and included in CMT’s “Next Women of Country” programme. 

Lainey says ” I’ve always been a dreamer – never running from anything but always chasing something… I hope this song encourages y’all to stay hopeful, determined and keep chasing whatever it is that gets you out of bed every day and makes you feel something. That’s what it’s all about”. 
If ever we need to stay positive, hopeful and focussed it’s at the moment, I’m sure you’ll all agree! Thanks for helping us do exactly that, Lainey. 
Listen to /Download  “Rolling Stone” here
In addition, in the run up to the release Lainey posted some fantastic covers of her favourite songs that mention the feeling of being a ” rolling stone”…or were indeed recorded by one! You can check out all of them together here
Article written by Lesley Hastings (
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