Kelsey Bovey’s ‘Not Scared Anymore’ Out This Friday!

This coming Friday sees the release of the debut EP, ‘Not Scared Anymore’, from Bristol based artist Kelsey Bovey.

Hi Kelsey, Can I start by asking you’re feeling ahead of the release of your EP ‘Not Scared Anymore’? Guess there’s a mix of nerves and excitement?

There is definitely a mix of emotions for sure. I am so excited for everyone to hear this new record as it’s been in the works for what feels like years. I am so proud of it and the work that everyone has put into it including myself. Alongside that there are definitely nerves. Being so proud of something and wanting people to receive it the way you intend can be nerve-racking but I am so much more excited than nervous.

How long has the EP been in planning? And what first gave you the idea to record an EP?

This EP has been planned for a while now (probably about 9 months). I love releasing new music as you feel such a buzz when you can finally share it with the world. I just wanted to keep writing and writing and get as much music released as I can. Since my debut EP ‘It’s My Time’ I was thinking about how much I have changed as an artist and as a person from that release. I wanted this to be reflected in this EP as it’s important for me to share my journey with others so people being in similar situations I was can see that there is light at the end of the tunnel.

Your hit single ‘Magnetic’ features on the release, a song we were lucky enough to feature the video premiere for. You must have been delighted with the reaction the song?

I was over the moon with the love and support for the single I was so overwhelmed. I couldn’t wait to release ‘Magnetic’ as it is so different from my Debut EP and was so excited to see how everyone would take it and to see the amount of support I received and getting to #2 in the UK Country iTunes charts was mind-blowing. Looking back at myself as a 15 year old girl going through the hands of bullies and seeing what I have achieved it makes me proud to be myself which if I’m honest I never thought would happen. I guess it shows if you stay true to yourself good things will come.

Can I ask you which artists have influenced you in your career so far? And if you could choose to duet with anyone, who would it be?

My main influences are Maren Morris, Taylor Swift and Kelsea Ballerini. All three are strong females and have influenced my career massively. I think their songwriting is incredible and is what Country Music should be about which includes personal stories and emotion. If I had to pick one to duet with I think I was have to say Maren Morris. My reason being I watched her live when she came to Bristol and genuinely blew me away not only vocally but how she presented herself on stage and to an audience. I find it truly admirable and for someone I look up to so much it would be incredible.

Its a difficult time for artists right now. How have you coped with the current Covid-19 situation?

It is such a difficult time at the moment because like many others we aren’t going out and doing what we love. As much as I love doing live shows I think it has helped me personally having this time to work on myself and myself as an artist. I only started on the scene last year I haven’t had much experience as ‘Kelsey Bovey’ at gigs and my main goal for this year was to go out and do as many shows as possible. Taking the time away from gigs has helped me gain so much confidence and that is mainly from all the live streams and all the support I have received. When the Covid-19 situation has resolved I know I can walk on stage feeling so much more confident than I did before and just do what I love.

To finish, tell us where we can pre-order/pre-save the EP!

I would really appreciate it if you could pre-order my EP on the iTunes Store! If this isn’t your desired platform you can pre-save on all streaming services including Spotify and Amazon Music.

‘Not Scared Anymore’ is an EP that plays to Kelsey’s strengths. Her excellent songwriting really shows within the four tracks, where she tackles love in a varety of situations – a love coming out of mysterious circumstances, the spontaneity of love, the feeling of being wronged in love and the love within a friendship. Anyone who has been a regular watcher of the regular live streams since Covid-19 will recognise Kelsey as one of the most familiar faces on the scene currently, which bodes well for the singer songwriter for the live scene going forward.


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