Brooke Eden Releases Debut Song From Upcoming EP

Over the last few years country artist on the rise Brooke Eden has carved herself a space in Nashville and has become a force to be reckoned with. In 2021, she came out and publicly embraced who she is as a LGBTQ+ artist and  has used her personal journey to self-acceptance to create music that is both bold and passionate with the message that it is okay to be who you are.

And the vocal powerhouse has recently announced that following on from her trilogy of releases last year she will be releasing a five track EP, “Choosing You” via BBR Music Group/BMG on 29th July. Described as a personal statement of love, self-acceptance and resilience and an account of her journey back to herself, it sees Brooke working once more with longtime collaborator/producer Jesse Frasure. One simple question – “what makes you happy?”- spawned writing sessions that acted as therapy for her, and the resulting songs see her exploring healing, learning, love, loss and happiness and the threads that tie them all together. Full track listing/writing credits are shown below, pre-order “Choosing You” here

Her first track of 2022 and the debut song from the project, “Left You For Me”, is available now on all streaming platforms… listen here…. alongside its official video which debuted on CMT.

Brooke explains “Sometimes there’s shame in staying in relationships for too long. I wanted to write a song that celebrates leaving whatever toxic situation you might’ve been in so you can be the best version of you”. 
Choosing You Trackless:
1.   ‘Knock’ (Brooke Eden, Steph Jones, Jesse Erasure)
2.   ‘Left You For Me’ (Brooke Eden, Kyle Schlienger, Jon Stone)
3.   ‘Comeback Love’ (Brooke Eden, Jesse Frasure, Sarah Buxton)
4.   ‘Heartless’ (Brooke Eden, Connie Harrington, Lindsay Rimes)
5.   ‘Off The Ground’ (Brooke Eden, Barlowe, Jesse Frasure, Brandon Day, Alysa Vanderheym)
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